First short report from Burning Man 2000

You ALL should have been there. It was GREAT.       Check out our Photo catalog page           Salty Dog Home        Burning Man Home

As we see at the Ren. Faire, there are many different groups, all with different reasons (and ways) of having fun.

Lots of BIG-TIME fun. A short list of wild things to see includes:

The flaming water that you could dip your hands into and pick up liquid fire (no, not a trick)
The trampoline built up on top of a 10 foot tall tower
The steel Dragon truck (with scales cut from steel drums). (the truck, and 2 18 foot passenger parts, and the 12' tail with generators, and the flame-thrower mouth)
Dr. megavolt and his TWO Giant Tesla coils (mounted on top of a truck that drove around as he fired them)
The Critical Tits Run (400+ topless women bicycling across the town. And running over ANYONE who got in their way; they seemed to be aiming at photographers) this was during the minor dust-storm.   Note: the Critical Dicks Run was much less well attended.

100's of fire dancing people.

A 30' MadMax Thunderdome, with people on bungee-cords fighting each other
Many many artcars (wheeled vehicles that carried people is the only accurate description)
     the lobstercar
     the 10' diameter wheels car  (two seats slung between and below the two giant wheels.
     the mylar fish bicycle
     the flaming calliope cars
     the 2 dragons
     the 8' head (it glowed beautifully at night from the EL wire all over it).
     the magicbus (converted schoolbus with van welded ontop and vwbus over that!)
     the many driving sofas
     the driving living room(8'x15') with sofas&lamps&coffee table
     the driving beds
     the flaming man bike(a steel man puppet dragged behind a bike at night, no lights on the bike; so all you see is a burning man running accross the desert).
There were miles & miles of EL wire (picture Neon tubes that run off a 9volt battery and are the size and flexibility of shoe-laces). Many colors.

The flock of EL fish (make a glowing fish from EL wire, mount it 3' above your bicycle, and ride around in the dark with other fish)

The Xara fresh sod lined camp (but only on the first day it was up, before the dust storm blew it down)  Beautiful before it was ruined.

Roasted Peeps on-a-Stick went quite well. I am planning a much bigger camp for next year (artcar (the Peep-mobile), 400' zipline, 20' tower)


Final joke, thanks to the State of California:

when we drove back to California, and were stopped at the Agriculture Checkpoint; the officer walked up,

looked at me and said "Been burning?"

I said, "What?", he replied, "Burning Man, have you been at Burning Man?"  "Yes", I said.

He waved us through, smiling; he knew there are no vegetables on the playa.