Here are a few notes on the ideas behind our new world, STERLING's ISLAND

Reality Check:

This was written in 1998.  We stopped work when we realized that we needed users who had 10Ghz PC's with 2 Gig RAM, live audio & video feeds, full voice command, and a T1 line to their home.  Some of that is here now, but not all.  So we will sit back and wait a little longer.


Are you bored with the status quo of computer games?   Are you tired of computer games that are the same game every time you play?   Are you ready for an experience that's more than a game?

Welcome to Sterling's Island
Sterling's Island is a multi user digital environment in which you control a personality, or avatar that you can design. The Island is a virtually limitless world in which you can meet people, go on quests, buy and sell property, trade, haggle, solicit, intimidate, bluff, learn, and best of all, get clues to find REAL treasure, in the real world.

The Island is a lot like real life, only we've taken away some of the parts you don't like. And added powers you always wanted. There are plenty of things to do, like search for hidden treasure, solve puzzles, defeat enemies and yes, play games with friends.

One of your goals is to attain as high a status as possible. The higher your status, the more of the world is open to you, and the more things you are able to do. Members of the Island who have achieved Senior Captain status level may be promoted to super users, who have near-godlike powers in the Island.

The Island contains the raw materials to build buildings, construct weapons, build ships and many other objects. It has true physical laws, so some types of objects can be built simply by combining raw materials, such as making gunpowder. Other complex structures, such as buildings, require gold to purchase a building permit. Also, you'll need to acquire some land for your building. Once you have a building, you can store things there, hang a signpost there, open a business, a school, a guild, or any other use you can thing of. Buildings come equipped with drop boxes, so that people can leave objects for you when you are offline. The Island has a transaction system that lets users securely trade gold and objects.

Clever users interested in amassing piles of gold will opens businesses to trade in special objects. Other players may be more interested in creating guilds, for protection or to pass knowledge from player to player. Other players may be less honorable, using their status (while they still have it) to steal gold.

There is so much more to tell, but the best way to find out more is to see for yourself..... Join us!

Heh, go away, we said we aren't ready yet. no peeking bub!

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